Men buy…women shop.

Men buy and women shop.

The Wednesday before spring break our class hosted, guest speaker, Brittiny Bookout of Holland and Holland. She presented information that taught the class about why women should be the target of advertisers. After growing up and observing my mother and father I believe she was right on.

The following bullets are a few facts she presented as well as things JMC students need to know:

> Not all women are moms.

A common misconception in the advertising world is that all women that are shopping are mothers who drive mini vans and stay at home. In reality there is a large number of women who are single, drive sports cars, and are a part of the working world. When advertisers are under this misconception they tend to market to the wrong demographic. All “demographics” can be thrown out the window. What is normal then is not what is normal now.

>  Women love relationships.

Women’s lives are based around deep and meaningful relationships. Advertisers need to understand that women are not looking for a product, they are looking for someone to understand their needs and be helpful in meeting them. And when you meet her needs she will go tell her friends and create new customers.

> Women will always support a cause.

This is true. I have watched my mother do this for years.

> As always everything is going to social networking.

Web 2.0 is making everything a conversation. Advertisers need to know that if they want to go to the audience, they need to go to the web.

Wednesday was another informative class. Mrs. Bookout taught us a lot, as well as reminded me of things I have observed all my life.

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