Chris Davis: the creative among investment specialists

Chris Davis, director of integrated communications at Fi-Plan partners, spoke to our PR class last Friday afternoon.  Davis works on the creative side of investment planning.  “There is a creative side to investment planning,” you may ask?  Don’t worry, because I though the same thing.  Davis is in charge or communicating finance lingo to clients and prospective clients.

Davis described his life and what eccentric and eventful jobs led him to where he is today.  He went from being a guitarist for 11 years to an owner of a coffee shop to a bike mechanic to an employee at an investment company.

So, here are a few very insightful words from the man who’s done it all.

  • Network as much as possible.  Get to know people in all avenues.
  • “Nobody is successful or fulfilled unless they affect the people around them.”  Davis learned this from his boss, who genuinely wants to help people.  When you affect and help the people around you, you create relationships that last based on trust.
  • Top 5 tips for getting the best results on Google:

1)    Keywords

2)    Links

3)    Changing/ new content

4)    Video

5)    Image tagging

When you use all of these efficiently and correctly, Google will love you and it will optimize your views!

Chris Davis from Fi-Plan Partners

Chris Davis from Fi-Plan Partners spoke to the Principles of PR class about a few interesting and relevant topics.  Similar to many other class speakers, Davis did not know exactly what he wanted in a job right away.  He was able to experience many fields in the job market to gain a better understanding of what he truly enjoyed doing.

Chris Davis is now the Director of Integrated Communications at Fi-Plan Partners, an investment company in Birmingham, Alabama.  Davis is the head of video work, photography, website design, and networking for Fi-Plan Partners.  Davis expressed how vital creativity is to his job.  He is constantly coming up with new ideas and new ways of communicating.    

Davis stressed the importance of the use of search engine optimization (SEO). He said that this was a key factor in the success of his job today.   He is always looking to enhance the SEO website to bring his particular company to the top of Google searches. Top five words in SEO includes:

  1. Keywords
  2. Links
  3. New content
  4. Video
  5. Image tagging

The advice that we had the opportunity to receive from Chris Davis is tremendously helpful for any field of journalism.  Themes Davis expressed of design, creativity, and communication are all key factors in the world of journalism and will help each one of us further our own careers.

Chris Davis Presentation

ImageChris Davis of Fi-Plan Partners spoke to the JMC 492 class on Friday April 13. His experience in numerous fields of work taught him the things that he truly enjoyed in a job. After years of bouncing around in these various professions he finally landed at Fi-Plan partners as their Director of Integrated Communications. Davis’ presentation had one main focus and it was SEO and the intricacies that go in hand with it.

One big thing that he stressed was white hat and black hat SEO. As a company you want to make sure that you are using proper techniques to work with search engines to make sure you are at the top of your respected searches. If you do partake in black hat SEO you will be buried in search results and your company will have almost no exposure.

Another key point he had was that you need to work with Google and other search engines to have your website crawled as often as possible. This will help you climb to the top of the search engine results.

The last thing and probably the one I had the least knowledge of was the use of links and how they can affect your SEO.

“No one is successful without affecting people”- Chris Davis

Meredith Foster Speaks to PR Class

Meredith mentioned that she does the photography for all the important council meetings and that made it clear to me that photography is still a necessary skill in a journalism career. She also said that she writes a lot. The importance of writing has been mentioned by all of the speakers who have visited our class and it is becoming clear that it is a necessary skill for every day jobs in communications.

She also talked about how much she is involved in social media. Social media is clearly a vital part of any PR job and she gave us some blogs to look up for advice on using social media. She also talked about tweeting at certain times during the day so that she reaches more of her target audience. I never realized that tweeting at certain times would be an important part of social media.

SEO Tips From Chris Davis

Chris Davis is the Director of Integrated Communications at Fi-Plan Partners, an investment company in Birmingham, Alabama. He is in charge of photography, creating websites, and graphic design for the company. He made it very clear that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main keys to making his job successful and gave us a few helpful hints.

1. Keywords are very important and should be used often and correctly.

2. There are two types of links, outbound and inbound. Outbound links lead people away from your website and inbound links are links that lead to your website. The more inbound links that you have on other websites, the more traffic flow your company’s website will have.

3. The information on your website should always been new and fresh.

4. Video is an important component to a website because it engages the viewer. Videos are easier to make than most people think!

5. When posting pictures, be sure to name the JPEG file in a way that it describes the image. Google will pick this up in a search more easily.

6. The times you post on your website are critical. Research when most people are visiting your website so you can make sure the maximum amount of people are viewing your content.

Chris Davis Take-Aways

Chris Davis spoke to our class about the importance of search engine optimization. I never realized how important this one thing could be before this class. Almost all of the speakers that we have had have mentioned this, if not expanded off of it. Chris Davis gave us his top five words for SEO. They are keywords, links, changing/new content, video, and image tagging. He really helped me see how important this step is in creating a website or promoting myself.

Davis also talked about how important creativity is in his job. He has to constantly come up with new ideas to keep his brand at the forefront of the competition. He has to be able to find a way to communicate finances to people who do not understand the language that a lot of financial people use. He helps the public understand finances by communicating it in a way that is easy to understand. This is an area of communication that I had not given much thought to, but it was interesting to hear what he had to say about what he does on a day to day basis.

Chris Davis breaks down SEO

fi-plan partners logoChris Davis is the Director of Integrated Communication at Fi-Plan Partners. Fi-Plan Partners is a financial investment company, and Davis is in charge of everything that goes into video, photography, website design, and networking. He has even designed a smart phone app for the company. If a financial planning and investing company has a need for an employee to connect them technically, then every company does.

 Davis highlighted several aspects of his job. In the hour that he visited our class, he gave us several tips on how to effectively promote information online and reach the target market.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. If you design a website, but no one knows about it, it will never be significant.
  • Top five considerations for SEO:
  1. Keywords. Adding website keywords will trigger SEO.
  2. Links. Google likes it when there are links to other websites.
  3. Changing/Adding Content. Search engines recognize when you have updated your website. They are more fond of the websites that contain current information.
  4. Video.
  5. Image tagging. Tagging and image and connecting it with something else will increase SEO for your website.
  • Davis developed a financial blog through Fi-Plan Partners and spends hours weekly updating it. “The more knowledge you are able to give to your customers,” Davis said, “the less anxiety they will have.”