PRSA Student Summit

Tuesday February 12 students from all across the southeast converged on Birmingham, Ala. The PRSA Student Summit was held in the Alabama Power Building in Downtown Birmingham. The summit had students from over 12 schools across the southeast from states such as Alabama, Mississippi and others. Topics from the conference included social media, questions for a panel of Public Relations professionals, and a resume review.

After sitting through several hours of lectures and speaking with students from other universities  I would have to say that Samford University has prepared me for the changing field of Public Relations. Many of the topics addressed in the lectures were already covered in detail in class. Also, the Samford department of Journalism and Mass Communication has given me more than just simple skills like writing press releases and researching skills. We are prepared in layout and design and video giving us a leg up on the competition.

The lecture that I felt was most important was the one dedicated to social media. A majority of articles written on social media etiquette and job prospects would suggest to lock down your social media accounts to prevent party pictures and inappropriate posts from being seen. The speakers at the lecture suggested to instead clean up your social media to show that you have social media skills and that you are not simply locking things behind a door. Also, the panelists said that it is best to have a plan when it comes to social media for a business. Have a plan of interaction and how this will lead to growing and sustaining your business not just getting more likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter who might never look at your page again.

The most important thing I learned was to listen broadly and to take in as much information as possible. This meant read news stories, and information not just from your field but others. Learning from others broadens your knowledge base and allows you to be more versatile in any job.

PRSA 2013 Student Summit in Birmingham, Ala.

On February 12th the PRSA Student Summit was held in downtown Birmingham at the Alabama Power Corporate Headquarters. The theme this year was “Your Future, #Today” which was basically about informing public relations students about the importance of social media. The seminar was entertaining however, I felt that the material covered (especially in reference to social media) was a bit redundant. Our knowledge from Samford University had already prepared us for the discussion and the material was well-known. As well, the resume review portion seemed like a good idea in hindsight, however in JMC 201 we reviewed all the options and formatting for a professional resume leaving the reviewer to have no comments.  This is a great seminar for those who are completely inexperienced in the world of PR, possibly great for incoming Freshmen, however it didn’t seem to