Tiger Woods to speak publicly on Friday

This semester I am following the blog PRNewser.

This Friday, Tiger Woods will finally break the silence after his recent car accident in November and all the marital drama surrounding it. He will be speaking to a small group of colleagues, friends and close associated at 11:00 am on Friday. He will be speaking at the TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He is supposed to be dicussing his past behavior and and apologizing for the chaos it has created. There will be numerous media at this event and it will be sure to spread to all media outlets. Is this a good or bad PR move for Tiger?

Post your comments on his website and see what others are saying about his latest actions!

To be or not to be to fat for one seat… That is the question

This semester I will be following PRNewser.

I was recently reading a blog called “Southwest Airlines doesn’t care about Kevin Smith.” I found it very interesting while also slightly humorous at the same time. Kevin Smith is a famous film director who was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he was deemed a “safety risk”, aka to fat to sit in one seat. He normally buys two seats but there was only one seat left on this particular plane so he went with it. After being kicked off the plane, Smith went public with his complaints on Twitter and now all social media are blogging away. What I thought was interesting about this blog was the authors opinion on this situation. That Southwest Airlines really does not care about this one person called Kevin Smith. As he stated, Southwest Airlines isn’t going to feel bad and people are not going to choose other airplanes because of this incident. But Southwest Airlines could always use this incident as a way to gain media exposure if they chose too.

What do you think? Log on to Southwest Airlines website and post your opinions!

ABC News Layoffs

This semester I will be following the blog PRNewser.

I recently read a blog on February 24 that dealt with the layoffs occurring at ABC News. ABC News has begun the process of ending 300-400 positions by asking employees to join in a buyout of their services. It is the largest reduction in the past 13 years. This blog is important to PR because all of these layoffs will take time, and reporters will write many stories regarding this event. It is also important to look at this from a PR standpoint, because now fewer employees will be working on weekdays and weekends. Which means, for the bigger shows, they will not be getting as much publicity/advertising as they had in the past. I found this blog interesting because I did not realize how laying off so many employees affects PR.

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Brogan Post

Brogan posted a few blogs about social media that I found intriguing. I loved how he discussed the importance of “promoting” different charities. He pushed for people who used Twitter to send out “tweets” so that those who weren’t aware of new activities or events happening would be informed. He also shared that telling family stories was a fun way to blog. People reading blogs sometimes enjoy hearing stories from the past.

In another post, Brogan talked about the difference between publishing and journalism. I was not aware that there was a difference, but I was completely wrong. Brogan said, “Journalists seek to create compelling information that is helpful and news-worthy, and publishing seeks to push more product, deliver higher circulation value, and create more value for sponsors/advertisers/money-holders.” I always figured that the “new” journalist tried to do their own publishing, and when they became more confident in their work, they would hire a publisher.

Social media is all about getting involved in the community and being aware of the new trends. Brogan stressed the importance of catching up with the public places that we may have forgotten about and make sure that we understand what their purpose is and also make sure that they know who you are as well. He said that community knowledge is important.

Shel Holtz certainly put some thought and opinion into his last blog titled, “Personal vs. logo Twitter accounts: Must they be mutually exclusive?” He gave quite a bit of detail and examples to argue both sides, which made it worth reading to me. Honestly, who wants to read a blog that’s completely one-sided?

In this blog, Shel took the approach of comparing blog and twitter users and the argument of whether people want to read blogs by fictitious characters (such as Eric Cartman from “South Park”) or would it be better if “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone blogged? Shel agreed that it would be a good idea for the creater to do so but also mentioned that he’d, “still expect to laugh [his] ass off reading a Cartman blog.” After some thought, I found my thoughts paralleling with Shel’s.

In truth, the prevalence of communication through blogging, facebook, twitter and whatever other portals there are out there is still mind boggling to me. There are certainly benefits but I fear the authenticity of relationships may be dying.

Social Media…Use it! It’s FREE!

Throughout the week, I have been focusing on the use of social media through posts on my new blog, arikhanson.com. It was so interesting to me to read about how social media is and is going to continue to be extremely important to our culture for many years to come, especially in the field of public relations. Something that really stood out to me while I was reading through various posts was “work on a social media MBA today for free”. It is so crazy to think that the media has become ever-changing and that companies are now able to provide communication, like advertisements for FREE!

I am also amazed about all the new technologies that are being developed that will be able to provide even more benefits to companies in various ways. There is a new presentation tool called Prezi that I was able to learn about through my blog, which basically provides a new, more interactive way for a company or individual who uses presentations at work or home. The new tool allows you to present concepts and visuals of what you are trying to communicate rather than just using the basic bullets or sentences through a program like PowerPoint for example. I think this new tool could also be very beneficial for college students to learn about and possibly help them with their future careers.

The Power of Twitter!

I am following “The Proactive Report”. The writer, Sally Falkow, is in the midst of publishing a series of PR tip sheets on social media. This week she tackled the social media of Twitter. She discusses how Twitter is changing news, as we know it. Also, how it is not a matter of whether you need an account, because you do, but how to use this social media in your favor for PR.

I am now going to go through her ten tips that she offered. First, she said to find your Tweeple. This means to go through and search to find what everyone in your community is finding to be important. Second, use Twitter to find and follow people who you think might help you out or who you could help you learn new tactics. Third, set a goal of something you wish to achieve through using Twitter. Fourth, make your tweets fun and interesting because you want to keep the people who are follow you entertained and coming back to your twitter to check for updates. Fifth, she says to not treat it like another broadcast medium. She says to use to engage and build relationships with fellow tweeters. Sixth, post a tweet everyday. Seventh, use hashtags (#). Eighth, be aware and up to date on the latest news being posted on Twitter. Ninth, use Twitter to help other people on Twitter. She says to be generous with your re-tweets to help them promote their content, and even reach out to other tools like, StumbleUpon or Del.icio.us, so other people, outside of Twitter, can see it too. Tenth, use Twitter to build strong relationships with people and try to create a connection. She suggests inviting tweeters to your blog, friend them on Facebook, and even further it to meeting face to face.

The reason why I chose to write about this particular post is because I have just entered the world of Twitter because of our PR class, and this really took Twitter and put it in perspective for me. After reading this blog my eyes had been opened up to just how much stuff I could do with my Twitter account. It helped me see that I have such a powerful tool just sitting in my bookmarks on the browser of my computer. This blog though is focusing on getting ready for what PR will be in the year 2010, and I for one am up for hearing all about it!!