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It’s a Woman’s World

In a world where 97% of Creative Directors are men, Holland & Holland is beating the odds. Brittiny Bookout, an Account Services Director, spoke to our JMC 492 class two weeks ago about the underestimated prominent roles women play in the market.

Holland & Holland works with high-end residential real estate with areas like Liberty Park and Greystone. Their aim is to market towards women with their trademark, “she-conomy.”  Being a man with a sensitive side, I could easily understand the importance of a women’s influence in the market. In her presentation she provided the following points:

85% of all brand purchases are made by women.

  1. It starts with a kick off, or an idea that the woman comes up with.
  2. The woman then does research on the topic.
  3. She then goes to the man for purchase.
  4. The woman then has ownership of the idea.
  5. Now at last word of mouth spreads to all of the woman’s friends to get the product recognized.

Traditional Demographics are Dead.

  • Look at life stages and not ages.
  • Not all women should be targeted as moms.

Know Trends

  • Women stay with brands that meet needs & expectations
  • 3 out of 4 women buy something that supports a cause.
  • 3 out of 10 women buy a product that meets their values

Know Mistakes

  • If you recognize your mistake, your trust and brand loyalty goes up.

Corporation or Agency:

  • Start with an agency. If you start with a corporate surrounding, it will be hard to transition to an agency because of the differences in the work place and mind set.

Even though I am no woman, this material can become very helpful. In the future wherever I may be I can use these tips to better know and understand all demographics.

Visit the http://she-conomy.com/ website.

Men Buy. Women Shop.

Ninety-seven percent of creative directors in PR are men. However, Stephanie Holland of Holland + Holland Advertising is a creative director. This one detail brought a new angle to Holland’s PR agency.

Account Services Supervisor Brittiny Bookout of Holland + Holland Advertising shed light on the benefits of marketing to women. Her boss, Holland, stands out as a female creative director, which makes their agency unique. Because of this factor, the company was able to design a guy’s guide to marketing to women—“She-conomy.”

What exactly is She-conomy? Why is this a good pitch?

  • Women make 85 percent of all brand purchases. Women are the market, and they are often ignored.
  • Who talks? Who gossips? Women. Through word-of-mouth, PR companies can gain clients and support, and we have women to thank for that.
  • Women notice details, and place heavy importance on relationships. 80 percent of women will not do business with a company if their values are different.
  • Social media has transformed the advertising industry. Men use the Internet to transact, and women use it to connect. Therefore, women are using these new social medias, which makes them more likely to stumble upon PR campaigns. Women rule the Internet.
  • Traditional demographics are dead. She-conomy looks at life stages, not ages. Knowing the target audience of women is crucial.

She-conomy gives Holland + Holland advertising an edge. As you can see, women are the market, and 91 percent of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them. Yes, men are the buyers, but women shop. Men “swipe” the credit card, but women tell them what to purchase. Maybe the PR world should follow in Holland + Holland’s footsteps.

For more information on Holland’s She-conomy, check out her website.

What Women Want

Brittiny Bookout of Holland + Holland Advertising spoke to our class two weeks ago about PR aimed at women. Bookout, an Account Services Supervisor, says women are the market, so companies should market to them.

There are several things to remember when marketing to women, Bookout says.

Women are different from men. Though this statement seems a little too obvious, it is easy to forget that men and women don’t always think alike. Take shopping, for example. Men are hunters. They need a white t-shirt, so they walk into a store, buy the shirt, and leave. Women are gatherers. They need a white t-shirt, so they walk into a store, try on two or three different white shirts, decide on one or both, grab a skirt and necklace they saw on the way to the register, buy everything and leave.

Traditional demographics are dead. Gone are the days of grouping women in to age, race, and income brackets. Marketers must look at life stages instead. They must remember that not all women are moms and that women whose kids are grown up have the most money to spend.

Women are loyal. When women find a brand they like, it becomes a part of their family. They are very unlikely to switch brands. When they refer a brand, they mean it.

Women are relational. Customer service is the new sales. Companies with good customer service win big points with women. Women like to feel like they are heard, so companies must give them an opportunity to provide feedback and then respond to that feedback.

Authenticity and transparency are key. Don’t be afraid to admit when your company makes a mistake. Women want honesty from a company. If you fix the problem, women will remember that you fixed a problem rather than that there was a problem to begin with.



Our latest guest to JMC492PR was Brittiny Bookout of Holland + Holland Advertising.

Brittiny presented a new technique of advertising where her firm’s focus is marketing to women.

She differentiated men from women.

  • men buy, women shop
  • men are hunters, women are gathers
  • men use the internet to transact, women use it to connect

Brittiny also discredited standard demographics. “We must look at their life stages, not ages. Not all women are moms.”

Advertising is changing, because the way we are using media is changing.

39% less reading the newspapers

36% less reading magazines

31% less listening to radio

30% less watching tv

social media is a tool for the present, as well as the future.

Some of Brittiny’s best advise was “Tell the truth and tell it quickly.  For a company, being a community and sharing creates a higher level of trust in a brand.”

As PR professionals we need to start using the internet to foster relationships.

Brittiny said, “Technology is changing, social media has transformed advertisers can no longer develop a message and PUSH it on consumers.”

This reminds me of something my Dad used to tell me, media is becoming a pull service, not a push.  Nothing could be more true.  We don’t listen to radio because that is a “push” service.  Instead, we pull music from iTunes and put it on our iPhone and take it with us everywhere.  Push media is dead.  Pull is the future.

Ladies First

Gentlemen step aside, ‘cause we all know its ladies first. But in the world of PR is it always ladies first? Are PR teams marketing various brands and products to attract a woman’s attention? The Advertising firm Holland + Holland took notice that women aren’t just a minority of the market, they are the market. Holland + Holland created she-conomy in an effort to properly gear PR towards the market of women.

Brittiny Bookout is a part of the Holland + Holland firm, and displayed, through research, statistics, facts, and numbers, just how important marketing to women truly is.


Q: Why should women be garnering the PR world and Advertising world’s attention?

A: 85% of brand purchasing is made by women…you want her attention!


Q: When it comes to purchases, especial big purchases like cars and homes, how does a woman typically impact a purchase decision?

A: The purchasing process starts off with the “kickoff” the initial attraction or knowledge of a product or brand—this starts with a woman. After the kickoff comes research—again this step is typically done by women. Then the purchase, and this is where the man comes in, but only because of the woman’s interest and then research of the product or brand. After the purchase has been done it is the woman who takes ownership and it is again the woman who uses word-of-mouth to get the word out about her purchase. 4 out of the 5 steps of the purchasing process is done by WOMEN.


Q: What can we learn about the nature of men compared to women when it comes to purchasing?

A: Men buy. Women shop. Men are hunters. Women are gatherers. Men use the Internet to transact. Women use the Internet to communicate. When strategizing PR or Advertising plans it is key to keep these simple truths in mind.


Q: Well, does this mean we should just be gearing our ads towards soccer moms?

A: NO. Throw traditional demographics out the window. Not all women in their 40s or 50s have children. And its the 50-64 year old women who have the most money to spend and yet they are a group that is rarely marketed to.


Q: How can we catch her attention?

A: 3 out of 4 women will recommend a brand because of its cause. 8 out of 10 women won’t do business with a company not inline with their beliefs. Authenticity and transparency are key. If something goes wrong just tell the truth and tell it quick, if you do this and fix the problem you can earn her loyalty.

Women are the market.

She-conomy Style–A guys guide to marketing to women.

Our guest speaker who came the week before Spring Break madness was Brittiny Bookout, the Account Services Supervisor  for She-conomy (a local marketing agency).

Bookout, an Alumni from Auburn, majored in corporate journalism, which is a fancy term for public relations. After graduating she moved to Birmingham to get her masters in writing.   She has worked in P.R. firms and in Ad Agencies, so she has had much experience to help her get to where she is today.

After joining the She-conomy team four and a half years ago, she learned of the importance of women and their purchases.  85% of all brand purchases are made by women.  Women are not a niche; women are the market.  What sets the company apart is the necessity that they are a part of the 3% of companies with a female creative director, setting them a part and giving them an advantage.

She instilled the fact that men buy, and women shop with a common cliché “men are hunters; women are gatherers.”  By giving us the five phases that a purchase goes through, which includes a kick-off, research, purchase, ownership, and word of mouth–women control four out of the five phases, hence the importance of trying to reel women in.

Traditional demographics are dead according to Bookout.  Now marketers have to look at the life stages of a women and not solely their age.  “Prime Time” women are the ideal women to focus on because they are the wealthiest and the least respected.

Women’s focus on detail and need for relationships is something that marketers have to truly focus on when planning ideas out.  Three fourths of women will recommend a brand if it supports a cause, and they will also stay with a brand when it meets a need of theirs.

Internet is another crucial step in being as effective as possible. The use of social media within the internet has completely transformed advertising. More and more people are spending time on internet, which means business have to be internet friendly and utilize social media.  Instead of focusing on a monologue, the internet allows a dialogue to take place  between customers and businesses with sites like Facebook, Blogging, and Twitter.

Bookout’s advice was that if we know social media, we will be ahead of the person hiring us.  She also left us with some people to follow on Twitter, and follow their blogs.  She was great and really was knowledgeable of this topic.  I really enjoyed her coming to speak with us.

She-conomy official website.

Women Gather and Men Hunt

Today we had the opportunity to hear a different marketing strategy. Brittiny Bookout from Holland + Holland Advertising talked to us about the marketing to women “she-conomy” approach. Brittiny is the account services supervisor there.  She started out in corporate PR where she worked with clients such as Travelocity and Saber.

Brittiny told us that 97% of creative directors are men. At Holland +  Holland Advertising,  Stephanie Holland is the creative director. She is behind the “she-conomy” idea.

Women are the market and control 4 of the 5 stages in the Purchase Process Cycle

  1. Kick-off  (Idea that a woman has)
  2. Research (Mainly on the internet)
  3. Purchase (Talk to man about decision)
  4. Ownership (The woman buys)
  5. Word-of-mouth (Women tell others about their experience)

“It’s all about how you tell your story.  When it’s interesting and creative others will  spread the story and talk about it,” according to the Proactive Report. Women notice when something is marketed to them and will tell their friends about it. A business that understands this concept will be successful.

How to Market to Women:

Know Her

  • Look at the life stages and not the age
  • Not all women are moms
  • The wealthiest women are the ones least marketed to by advertisers

Understand Her

  • Women notice details
  • Place heavy importance on relationships
  • Reluctant to give referrals
  • Will recommend brands that support a cause

Reach Her

  • Customer Service is a must!
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Use 2-way conversations (especially on the internet)
  • Authenticity and transparency are key

Check out this video on she-conomy

“If you admit your mistakes to women, your brand loyalty increases.”

Brittiny taught us how to use effective social networking as well. Social media has transformed the advertising industry. It allows you to connect with women at EVERY stage of the cycle.

Be sure to check out sites for Holland + Holland Advertising and She-conomy to find out more.