Creating a Strategic Plan

I am currently serving as the Public Relations Chair for the Samford Runners.

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, specifically with running and walking.

The club is voluntary and open to anyone looking to live healthy. We believe that it is vital to the community to provide opportunities for individuals to become more aware and educated about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, especially when looking at how obesity has become so prevalent in our country today. A strategic communication plan must be developed in order for our mission to take action and succeed.

Strategic Communication Plan:

Our Objective and Strategy: To increase awareness about the health benefits associated with being a member of the Samford Runners Club, while also increasing the number of members by six within the next three months.

Key Tactics:

1. Teaming up with local health organizations promoting healthier lifestyles.

2. Traveling around the state to high schools and college campuses–provide students and faculty with facts, statistics about obesity and other health risks–creating awareness and forming new insights.

3. Holding an event called “Bootcamp”. The event would take place each season (4 times a year). It would be open to the public–to anyone seeking to become healthier. The cost would be zero because we would use community volunteers and trainers. The event will provide a one-hour workout session, motivational speakers and healthy food.

It is very important to provide valuable information and knowledge in order to make your goals believable. It is helpful to be very specific when creating a strategic plan and to know the difference between your goals and objectives.


Successful Strategic Planning from a student led group

I am the public relations chair for Samford Students Against Teen Pregnancy. Our mission is to mentor young students to help reduce the number of teen pregnancy. To make this happen, a strategic communication plan must be set.

Analyzing is one of the first key steps to good strategic planning. For this organization, we had to understand the situation and the publics to come up with what are mission would be about. The organization also had to agree on who is our public. We came to the conclusion that young teens were our target public. Understanding the public’s needs and expectations are crucial in being successful in our mission. We can do this by going out and talking to young teens to find out what their expectations are.

The next steps include putting a plan of action together from our analysis. Goals must be set to be successful. We as an organization need to figure out what we want to accomplish and what we want to strive for. An example for a goal would be getting more young teens to understand that sex is not a game and how anyone can get pregnant if sex is not taken seriously. With this organization, we also expect many teens to have many questions about teen pregnancy. The members of the organization must all be qualified to response to their questions in the correct way so that our mission is being played out. Having great sources will be beneficial to the organization as well to show that we are trusting and reliable.

Without good advertisement, no one would know much about our organization. Promoting ourselves will get more people involved and interested in our group. This can be done through email, handouts, posters and news coverage. If we can’t communicate who we are or what we are about, no one will be interested in us. This is vital in keeping your organization alive.

As all of these steps are played out, I must evaluate if these steps are following through as planned. If they are, they may continue and get more detailed as time comes. The ones that are not working though, we must go back and do more research on how we can make it better.

Strategic Planning

Each individual has come to the conclusion that the Samford Students Against Teen Pregnancy should become more vocal to the community. The mission will be for us to help teens understand the commitment, responsibility and risks of becoming pregnant too early.

We want to surround ourselves with knowledgeable people and possibly a few who have experienced teen pregnancy. The Samford Students Against Teen Pregnancy wants to be trusted with information they are given while being open and honest with those they come in contact with.

There are many groups helping teens stay away from becoming pregnant. We, as Samford students, want to develop more personal relationships with teens struggling with difficult decisions, such as sex. We want to be available at all times, and we want to allow the teens to feel as if they can talk to one of openly. I think this will set us apart from our fellow activists.

Other groups who will aid us will be moms who became pregnant during their teen years, fathers who became fathers during their teenage years and doctors/nurses. These types of people will be able to help us spread the word on waiting to get pregnant.

These teens, whether they are male or female, need to know the difficulties and struggles before they find themselves in a predicament. This group will try to always respond to situations correctly. We will surround ourselves with people who are experienced in each area so that we can provide teens with proper information.

We will have a spokesperson who will speak to the media. This person will be encouraging and direct at the same time. We want people to know that we are very serious about this topic. This is a big deal in today’s society and it’s something we don’t want to take lightly.

We will have face-to-face involvement with all people. We want personal relationships so that people feel comfortable talking about personal information.

Our group will meet every other Thursday night at 7 in the Pete Hanna Center on Samford University’s campus. Coffee and water will be provided. Since these students are volunteers, money will not be an issue. This is free to anyone who needs our help. If attendance rises, we will need to make changes, but we are prepared to do so. We have put a lot of time and effort into planning this group. We hope you find us helpful. We are here to serve your needs.

Jenna’s Strategic Planning

I am the public relations chair for the Samford Runners, a voluntary club that has a mission to encourage running and walking for physical fitness.

My objective is to increase club membership. My strategy is to create more awareness about: physical fitness, running benefits and walking benefits.

My tactics include holding a 5k race in all surrounding cities, sponsoring health seminars across the state of Alabama, speaking in all public high schools and hosting two health clinics per year across the state.

This is my strategic communication plan, but some companies might have a harder time coming up with a plan and call on help.  PRSquared is a public relations blog that believes highly in calling for help. Many times those writing blogs for PRSquared have talked about using SHIFT,

SHIFT Communication’s Public Relations Fitness Test is a complimentary and objective analysis for organizations considering the initiation of a public relations program, or for organizations interested in an independent, creative review of their current public relations outreach efforts.

SHIFT focuses a majority of their work on strategic planning, and has been able to help many businesses reach their goals.

Remember that strategic planning consists of setting an objective, forming a strategy and reaching each strategy with specific tactics.

100 PR People to Follow on Twitter

JMC 492 Students: Take a look at this list and choose (at least) five of these individuals to follow on Twitter for the remainder of the semester.

100 People Worth Following on Twitter

Report back here, via  a comment to this post, with the Twitter names of who you’ve added.

FYI: Here is a simple tool to follow some or all of these PR experts: TweepML.

Deadline to complete this assignment: Saturday, March 27, 5 p.m.

I will check here and on Twitter to make sure you’ve completed this exercise on a timely fashion.


Split the Work

To be successful with social media, Chris Brogan figured that businesses needed to focus on listening, customer service, client relations, social marketing, sales prospecting and publishing.

While listening to what your consumer wants, Brogan said that it may help to split up the work between a few employees. This allows the employees to focus on one thing rather than multiple things creating a more precise environment for the company.

Customer service is the most important aspect of a business. The customer service department needs the most attention. This is the most time consuming part of business because you have to keep your customers happy at all times.

Social marketing is important. The social marketing department includes Twitter and Facebook. Finding new customers via these internet sites is important, but it doesn’t require lots of employees.

Sales prospecting is something people miss out on. Businesses forget about the search engines on the internet and go straight to calling. The internet is helpful because it shows the needs and wants of the consumers and allows you to stay in contact with your customers without having to waste time calling each individual.

Publishing is also important. It can be used for advertisement, informing your customers and it also allows for you to receive feedback on different items.

These steps will help benefit your company. Chris Brogan uses these tactics and has been successful up to this point. Try it out.

Nikon Camera Markets To All Photographers

Chris Brogan wrote a blog on how Nikon allowed him to use their new camera, the D300. Nikon hoped that Brogan would be good advertisement for them. He says that they chose him because he has a large fan base and it would make people feel that anybody can use the camera, not just professionals.

Brogan’s large fan base leads people to believe he is well-known and that people follow him. The more people that Brogan attracts, the more likely it is that they will buy Nikon’s new camera.

Brogan is just a regular person. He’s not a professional photographer. This means that he does not know the ins and outs of photography. His pictures may come out fuzzy or off-centered, but Nikon is insuring that with the new D300, fuzziness and off-centeredness would not be a problem.

It’s interesting to see that “big  time” businesses use other people to help promote and sell items.