Summarize, write, edit, tweet: Part 2

Same as last week:

Write tweets for these 5 stories–after you’ve read the story and are certain you know what it’s about. Stay within 100-120 characters.

It’s important to correctly summarize the story. Be careful about misplaced modifiers.

Spelling counts.

Write in the active voice.

Eliminate unnecessary words.

50 points








Example tweets for JMC 300 Lab October 23, 2014

For JMC 300 Lab: October 16, 2014

Week 8: Writing in the active voice.

Subject – verb – object.

Omit unnecessary words.

Twitter is a great resource to learn how to write actively, directly and succinctly.

Assignment Directions:

Read each of the following articles and write a tweet in the active voice that summarizes a key point from the article. Your tweet should be a sentence that both summarizes the actual content and would most likely cause the reader to click to read more. Avoid click-bait phrases, though. Keep your tweet at no more than 120 characters to allow room for a link and possible retweets.

Use this tool: to count the number of characters.

Practice Articles:

Once you are sure your tweet is 110-120 characters, copy and paste the tweet into a Word document with your name on it.

Use the number that corresponds to the article to number your tweets.

1. Article:

2. Article:

3. Article:

4. Article:

5. Article:

6. Article:

7. Article: