Women purchase. Women are a marketers focus point. Or at least they should be, according to Brittiny Bookout of Holland and Holland Advertising.  Holland and Holland uses a mastermind plan by placing a woman in the creative directors position. Since women are the ones being sold to, it makes the most sense to put a woman behind the scenes marketing to them.

Brittiny gave several tips to marketers.

Word of mouth is so important. Gossip, spread the word to your close circle about your product.  Friends will take your advice, and then spread it to their friends.

Social network, as always.  Even blogging can get the word out.

Keep up with the trends, and don’t assume your client lives the life of a soccer mom. Market to vibrant women, keep it fresh and make sure you’re marketing trends.

Create a community. Take time building relationships and keeping them.  It is a slow process, you can’t just force people to listen to you.  You have to gain their trust.

Marketing to women is so overlooked, but Holland and Holland has grasped the concept and flourished with it.

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