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PRSA Student Summit

At the PRSA Student Summit on February 7, 2013, PR professionals spoke to college students about currents topics affecting the PR world. Content marketing, social media, SEO, writing a resume, and communication in today’s world were some of the topics that were covered.

One of the most interesting speakers of the ay was Ike Pigott, who is the Corporation Communications Director at Alabama Power. He brought up interesting points about the ways to gain the most knowledge from social media networks. He said, “Cultivate the network that makes you smarter,” which means use the social networks that you are involved in to make you more educated and informed about the world around you. One of the main reasons I have my social networking pages is to communicate with friends and see what is happening in their lives, not necessarily to find out new information. He made me realize how important it is to use my resources to the best of my ability in order to gain knowledge.

During the summit, there was a session about what is important to have in a resume and some things that can be left out. Everyone agreed that qualifications were a big part of a resume because it lets the employer know your skills. Also, job experience is something that is important to have on an application because it let’s the employer know that you have had some real world experience. This was an informative and helpful day, especially for Spring graduates.

Things Just Got A Little Hotter On Samford’s Campus

On Tuesday April 17th, Samford University presented a screening of the documentary Hot Coffee sponsored by the Cumberland School of Law. The documentary centers around tort reform and the McDonald’s lawsuit of 1994. There were about 90 people in attendance and convocation credit as well as lunch was offered. Dr. Martin’s Public Relations class first learned about the documentary from, guest speaker, Stacy Smith. After a brief viewing of the documentary, we as a class, along with Ms. Smith, brainstormed on ideas to successfully promote the screening around campus. Our class then became responsible for making our peers aware of the screening. Our tactics differed from running ads in The Crimson, to hanging up posters, to informing Samford’s Greek Life about the documentary. As a personality for Samford’s radio station, WVSU, I was put in charge of creating a pubic service announcement to air on the station. The PSA I ended up writing was : The Cumberland school of Law will be hosting a screening ofthe documentary Hot Coffee Tuesday,April 17th from 11-1. Convo credit is available and lunch will beprovided to the first 80 students in attendance. That’s Hot Coffee Tuesday, April 17th from 11-1 in the grandroom of the Cumberland School Law. I then relayed the PSA to Andy Parrish, the general manager of WVSU to air during station identification breaks.

SEO Tips From Chris Davis

Chris Davis is the Director of Integrated Communications at Fi-Plan Partners, an investment company in Birmingham, Alabama. He is in charge of photography, creating websites, and graphic design for the company. He made it very clear that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main keys to making his job successful and gave us a few helpful hints.

1. Keywords are very important and should be used often and correctly.

2. There are two types of links, outbound and inbound. Outbound links lead people away from your website and inbound links are links that lead to your website. The more inbound links that you have on other websites, the more traffic flow your company’s website will have.

3. The information on your website should always been new and fresh.

4. Video is an important component to a website because it engages the viewer. Videos are easier to make than most people think!

5. When posting pictures, be sure to name the JPEG file in a way that it describes the image. Google will pick this up in a search more easily.

6. The times you post on your website are critical. Research when most people are visiting your website so you can make sure the maximum amount of people are viewing your content.

Chris Davis breaks down SEO

fi-plan partners logoChris Davis is the Director of Integrated Communication at Fi-Plan Partners. Fi-Plan Partners is a financial investment company, and Davis is in charge of everything that goes into video, photography, website design, and networking. He has even designed a smart phone app for the company. If a financial planning and investing company has a need for an employee to connect them technically, then every company does.

 Davis highlighted several aspects of his job. In the hour that he visited our class, he gave us several tips on how to effectively promote information online and reach the target market.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. If you design a website, but no one knows about it, it will never be significant.
  • Top five considerations for SEO:
  1. Keywords. Adding website keywords will trigger SEO.
  2. Links. Google likes it when there are links to other websites.
  3. Changing/Adding Content. Search engines recognize when you have updated your website. They are more fond of the websites that contain current information.
  4. Video.
  5. Image tagging. Tagging and image and connecting it with something else will increase SEO for your website.
  • Davis developed a financial blog through Fi-Plan Partners and spends hours weekly updating it. “The more knowledge you are able to give to your customers,” Davis said, “the less anxiety they will have.”

Tips from Chris Davis

Chris Davis, director of integrated communication at Fi-Plan Partners, spoke to Principles of PR on Friday, April 13th. Davis is a Samford alum and has had many life experiences to make him a well-rounded professional. Davis’s presentation was both interesting and relevant and provided the class with plenty of advice.

Besides his useful, general career advice, Davis spoke a lot about internet marketing and SEO:

-”Videos bump SEO.” Davis explained that videos are crucial in SEO and keep the audience interested and checking back more frequently.

-Keywords are key to optimizing SEO. Davis taught the class how to use keywords and how to choose them to keep our websites on the top of Google search results.

-Top 5 in using SEO:

Changing/new content
Image tagging
Davis’s presentation was very engaging, and I feel more prepared as both an intern and future PR/marketing professional.