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Be engaging.

Stacey Hood, the unofficial director of marketing for Stewart Perry, calls himself sarcastic. Hood has 2,152 followers on Twitter. Who knew sarcasm and popularity went hand in hand? In other words, Hood has great advice on how to use social media tools, such as Twitter, for networking.

Stacey Hood (left) and Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works.
  • First and foremost, GET ON TWITTER. Create a username and use it to your advantage. Where else can you meet and greet with PR professionals at the touch of your fingertips? . . . literally.
  • Look for opportunities, even on Twitter. For example, InternQueen, also known as Lauren Berger, tweets available internships daily, as well as great tips to nail the job of your dreams.
  • Stay updated. Hood recommends blogs. By choosing a few blogs to follow, you are learning from another perspective. Sometimes, this can even keep you informed on current events.
  • Additionally, practice. Coming from a soccer coach, Hood says if you don’t use it, you will lose it. When it comes to writing, you can’t do it enough.
  • “There is never a stupid question. You’re stupid for not asking it.”

Follow Hood on Twitter—@StaceyHood or check out his blog. Also, more information can be found on Stewart Perry here.


Recently, I have gained a much better understanding of the many uses of Twitter. I have been following Cathy Browne, and have learned a plethora of strategies from the Veteran PR Strategist and acclaimed Twitter Coach. She has shown me a variety of ways to network and send out messages filled with nuggets of insight. I struggle with finding a sentence worthy of tweeting, but Cathy showed me you don’t have to come up with 140 characters on your own! She tweets pictures, websites, new stories, links, and much more! She has expanded my view of creativity on Twitter and exemplified the many strategies it takes to make a statement in the world through social media.

The Proactive Report: Tips for Twitter

“The time to ponder the value of being on Twitter has passed. What you need to do is figure out how to make it an effective PR tool,” a quote from a Proactive Report titled 10 Twitter Tips.

Initially, I was that person who contemplated whether or not I wanted to be on Twitter and even now that I have an account I am still unsure of how to use it effectively. After reading Proactive’s 10 Twitter Tips my thoughts on Twitter have certainly broadened.

Provide valuable content, and don’t treat Twitter like another broadcast medium. These two tips really struck me because I had always thought of Twitter as just another Facebook, but it’s not. Although both mediums involve engaging in conversations and building relationships, Twitter isn’t used to broadcast that you are “no longer in a relationship” or post what you ate for breakfast as your status. People on Twitter don’t care about things like that; they want information and they want it fast! They are on Twitter to get the inside scoop on stuff they wouldn’t get anywhere else. For example, many restaurants post special deals such as buy one get one free items! Now where else would you hear about that?

The Power of Twitter!

I am following “The Proactive Report”. The writer, Sally Falkow, is in the midst of publishing a series of PR tip sheets on social media. This week she tackled the social media of Twitter. She discusses how Twitter is changing news, as we know it. Also, how it is not a matter of whether you need an account, because you do, but how to use this social media in your favor for PR.

I am now going to go through her ten tips that she offered. First, she said to find your Tweeple. This means to go through and search to find what everyone in your community is finding to be important. Second, use Twitter to find and follow people who you think might help you out or who you could help you learn new tactics. Third, set a goal of something you wish to achieve through using Twitter. Fourth, make your tweets fun and interesting because you want to keep the people who are follow you entertained and coming back to your twitter to check for updates. Fifth, she says to not treat it like another broadcast medium. She says to use to engage and build relationships with fellow tweeters. Sixth, post a tweet everyday. Seventh, use hashtags (#). Eighth, be aware and up to date on the latest news being posted on Twitter. Ninth, use Twitter to help other people on Twitter. She says to be generous with your re-tweets to help them promote their content, and even reach out to other tools like, StumbleUpon or Del.icio.us, so other people, outside of Twitter, can see it too. Tenth, use Twitter to build strong relationships with people and try to create a connection. She suggests inviting tweeters to your blog, friend them on Facebook, and even further it to meeting face to face.

The reason why I chose to write about this particular post is because I have just entered the world of Twitter because of our PR class, and this really took Twitter and put it in perspective for me. After reading this blog my eyes had been opened up to just how much stuff I could do with my Twitter account. It helped me see that I have such a powerful tool just sitting in my bookmarks on the browser of my computer. This blog though is focusing on getting ready for what PR will be in the year 2010, and I for one am up for hearing all about it!!