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John Richardson’s advice for PR students

On Friday, Feb. 24th, John Richardson came to speak to the Principles of PR class. Richardson, a freelance PR practitioner who specializes in digital content, provided several key takeaways from his presentation.

  • Public Relations is changing, and it is becoming increasingly based in digital and social media. Get involved now in the digital world of PR by reading PR blogs and following PR experts on Twitter.
  • Despite the constant change in the industry, the three main points that are covered in public relations are social media, crisis control, and traditional media relations.
  • It is crucial for those in the field to stay up on the trends in social media in order to represent their company well. Whether it’s Pinterest or a new version of Facebook, you always need to be doing the next new thing first.

Richardson ended his presentation with a very important phrase to remember when working in public relations. He said, “Be humane, be human, and be humble.”

John Richardson Nuggets

On Friday, February 24, John Richardson visited Dr. Martin’s Principles of Public Relations class. Below are a few key takeaways from his discussion.

  • On a daily basis, Richardson does research, writing, strategy building, video production, and online brand reputation management.
  • Public relations today focuses on social media, crisis control, and traditional media-style public relations.
  • Today, the lines between public relations and advertising are blending. Public relations is being consumed more by the advertising agency; it has become an all-in-one package.
  • Final words of wisdom: be humane, be human, and be humble.

Take Aways from John Richardson

“I don’t think you can be successful anymore if you’re not in the interactive game” -John Richardson

You hear all the time that the world is changing, but time and time again, especially in this profession, you hear that you cannot be successful if you are not in the know.

John Richardson, a freelancer who has been working in the field of public relations,  informed the class on Friday, February 24th,  of things we should specifically be aware of.  I definitely took away how important social media is. And, in addition Mr. Richardson provided specific websites which will prove to be useful for us.

For example: socialmedia.com, hubspot.com, and hootsuite.com are all great sources to track action online.

Richardson said that it is very important for us to not miss this window of opportunity in the online world. You always need to be doing the coolest, next thing FIRST.

And, as a final takeaway, I learned even more about what it means to freelance, and how great this can be for someone who wants to be their own boss.  Freelancing is flexible and allows you to work on your own time, yet do exactly what you want to do.

Mr. Richardson offered to be a resource to us and would prove to be a great one especially with all of this background AND experiences as a Samford Alum.

He can be reached at about.me/jrichardson76 and on twitter @jrichardson76

John Richardson’s PR Tips

On February 24th, John Richardson, a freelancer in the world of public relations, came and addressed the class about what to expect in while working in PR. One of the last things he said to the class seemed to be the most important. He said “Be humane, Be human, and Be humble.” From this quote I took three things, first and foremost, one should always be courteous and have a code of values when working in this field. Too often PR is viewed as being somewhat corrupt in nature, so one’s humanity helps improve not only the image of yourself, but of your client as well. Secondly, be human. In any form of communications it is important to develop one’s unique voice. Otherwise, we get lost in the crowd of people trying to make it in Corporate America. Finally, be humble. I’ve always been taught that the higher God lifts you up in life, the lower you should bow. Humility not only helps you remember where you came from but also helps gain clientele because you are easy to work with and keeping that person or company’s best interest in mind.

Some other helpful pointers John gave were to stay flexible and to do the next big thing first.

Take Aways from John Richardson

John Richardson graciously came to speak to our PR class about the different types of work there is today in the world of PR. Despite the technical difficulties, Mr. Richardson taught the class a lot about the diversity that is available in the strategy and content of PR.

1: Get comfortable with writing. Mr. Richardson assured us that we will be asked all about our writing. With that, he said that no one has a good excuse to have typos. Typos boil down to how much attention you really are paying to what your writing. Writing is very important and you do it a lot.

2: Publishing anything will get your foot in the door. Mr. Richardson said that publishing your writing will not only get you comfortable with writing, but also to add works to your resumé. Whether it’s a blog, an article in the local newspaper, a website, any type of publishing will only be beneficial to your career in PR.

3: The goal in PR is to do the coolest next thing first. Research is vital. Whether you make the big hit will either make or break your career in PR.

John Richardson of The Forte Marketing Group

Wise Words from John Richardson

John Richardson spoke to our PR class on Friday, February 24 about his experience and knowledge of the PR industry.  Here are a few words of advice he gave us.

1)     Work well with others- you have to be able to work with people.  “Be a real person.”  No one wants to work with someone who you can’t bounce ideas of off.

2)     Awareness is what it is all about now.  The advertising field is consuming PR agencies.  Therefore, you must be aware of what the consumers want from your company.

3)     Do the coolest next thing-first!  Be the first to come up with a new and refreshing idea that blows competitors out of the water.  Get your client noticed with the best tools and resources.

John Richardson’s tips for PR

John Richardson spoke in our class on Friday about his experience in the field of public relations.  He is labeled as an interactive director in the journalism world.  Here are a few takeaways from his presentation:

  • An interactive director is someone who is managing people or projects and is also in charge of any digital media that creates a form of communication.
  • John Richardson stressed the importance of staying on top of trends.  Trends of new social media, as well as remaining grounded in traditional PR are both important to keep in mind while working in public relations.
  • The name of the game is: AWARENESS.  Being aware of news quickly, reacting effectively, and remaining aware of changes throughout social media and the Internet are all extremely important.