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The game plan.

Facts—(n.) a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true.

  • Samford’s Journalism and Mass Communication department offers tracks in print, broadcast, PR and advertising. A film production minor is also available. However, at Samford, you are trained in every area to an extent, which allows the students to be well rounded and more hirable.
  • There are small class sizes, with generally eight to 15 students per class. This small classroom feel allows students to engage more with their professors and classmates, creating a better learning atmosphere.
  • Twenty-eight department partial scholarships are available.
  • Samford houses award-winning teachers who put students first. Samford students learn from the best.
  • MAC labs are available for students on a daily basis. Classes are held in the lab, but can be used for projects outside of class as well.
  • Samford’s JMC department has a partnership with The Washington Post.

It is important that both perspective students and current faculty understand and know the facts of Samford University’s JMC department.

Goals—(n.) the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim.

  • Limitless career options
  • Learn how to write and produce print media
  • Understand aspects of PR and advertising, as well as broadcast
  • Hands-on, practical experience

These are some goals a perspective JMC student at Samford might have. However, it is crucial that faculty members have an objective as well.

  • Samford’s objective is obviously to recruit potential JMC students.
  • The time frame is generally a year or two. Recruiting any earlier than one’s junior year of high school is unnecessary.
  • Public Relations fits into this marketing mix because the face of Samford must be a good one. In other words, the JMC department must look appealing to perspective students.

Audience—(n.) the group of spectators at a public event; listeners or viewers. The persons reached by a book, radio broadcast, or PR campaign.

  • Potential JMC students
  • High school students interested in journalism and mass communication

As a PR representative of Samford, I must decide how my target audience feels about Samford, and as a result, change that attitude. My job is to modify the way he or she feels. I want potential JMC students to feel good about Samford’s journalism program, encouraging them to attend Samford University.

Key Message—(n.) The main point

Why study at Samford?

  • A unique combination of a liberal studies education and professional training in journalism and mass communication provides you with an unlimited amount of career options.
  • The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Samford helps students not only understand media culture but also learn to become ethical communicators.

By using Ketchum’s strategic planning model, I was able to come up with a PR plan to recruit potential JMC students at Samford University. Ketchum’s four important steps (facts, goals, audience, and key message) encourage professionals to ask and determine answers to key questions, which allow one to succeed at program planning.