For JMC 300 Lab: October 16, 2014

Week 8: Writing in the active voice.

Subject – verb – object.

Omit unnecessary words.

Twitter is a great resource to learn how to write actively, directly and succinctly.

Assignment Directions:

Read each of the following articles and write a tweet in the active voice that summarizes a key point from the article. Your tweet should be a sentence that both summarizes the actual content and would most likely cause the reader to click to read more. Avoid click-bait phrases, though. Keep your tweet at no more than 120 characters to allow room for a link and possible retweets.

Use this tool: to count the number of characters.

Practice Articles:

Once you are sure your tweet is 110-120 characters, copy and paste the tweet into a Word document with your name on it.

Use the number that corresponds to the article to number your tweets.

1. Article:

2. Article:

3. Article:

4. Article:

5. Article:

6. Article:

7. Article:





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