PRSA Student Summit Takeaways

As a class, we got to attend the PRSA Student Summit on Tuesday, February 12th. The speakers were very knowledgeable in their fields, and it really helped to hear some different perspectives from the PR field.

When we had the resume review, I felt that our class was very prepared and that our resumes stood out from a lot of the other students there. The professionals who looked over the resumes were very helpful and gave some great suggestions for what changes could be made to improve the resumes. It was also enlightening to get to talk to other PR students from different schools who had different experiences and classes than we do at Samford.

Attending this conference made me feel as though our class is prepared to enter the working world. I felt like I knew almost everything that the speakers talked about and during the forums, I felt like I could answer most of the questions that the other students asked. Overall, it was a fun and inspiring conference for our class and it was motivating for the time after graduation.Image


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