PR Student Summit

The most helpful session at the PR Student Summit on February 12 was given by Scott Thornburg, Ike Pigott and Julie Senter on the topic of social media. Though the session didn’t cover much material I didn’t already know, it did reinforce principles that I have learned through my PR and social media classes at Samford.

The 5 basic tips about social media they gave were:

  • The basics of PR still apply. Research, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • It’s not about you. Be open to new social media outlets even if they don’t interest you, they could interest your audience.
  • Understand the why.
  • Test and track.
  • Always be learning. Platforms will change so stay on top of the best practices and pay attention to industry trends.

Another helpful session, led by Brandon Wilson, was about resumé do’s and don’ts:

  • DO use all your resumé real estate wisely.
  • DO be active on paper.
  • DO focus on impact, not just experience.
  • DON’T use overly clever email addresses.
  • DON’T include references.
  • DON’T lie or overstate accomplishments.

Overall the Summit was a great review of the basics of PR I have learned while at Samford.


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