Your Future, Today

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A class field trip to a an all day conference can sometimes only mean one thing to a student, boredom. However, finding myself at the Alabama Power Corporate Headquarters for the PRSSA Summit event turned out to be pleasant, encouraging and informative surprise. Everything from touring the location’s facilities, to hurdling questions towards a panel of PR pros filled the eventful day. The most valuable things I walked away with however, were the tips and tidbits that I learned from professionals.

Even for students of the technical advanced day and age a lot has changed. Its not just students using Facebook and Twitter to connect and gossip, but successful companies that have realized the usefulness of this technology in the business world.

I was surprised with the knowledgeability of this speakers on their topics, whereas original I thought that their ideas might be too old fashioned.

Ike Pigott took us through the fundamentals of how society has changed. We were once a group of people whose status was based on “what you know”, then it changed to “what you could find”, now with power search engines like Google it has become “what your network finds for you.”

This is actually a transformation that is beneficial to us, Ike advises to “cultivate the network that makes you smarter.”

As a student in the broadcast concentration and PR following second, I’ve been skeptical about the reliability and honesty of getting a job working PR. To my delight, Julie Senter gave a seminar on “why should you get paid to do social media?”

A world full of digital technology can open a lot of doors for young student minds but also can be dangerous grounds. A panel of executives gave tips for making your Facebook, Twitter and other social media connections, clean and professional. This kinda of look comes down not just to the pictures you show or comments you post, but also the people you follow.

The day ended with resume do’s and don’ts and a personal resume review from area professionals. With my purse full of goodies, I left feeling extremely satisfied with the presentations and eager to sharpen up my PR skills. Truly, the conference lead up to its slogan, your future, today.

Leslie Graf

your future, #TODAY #PRSSA

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