Nuggets of wisdom from Chris Davis

On April 20, Chris Davis with Fi-Plan partners visited Dr. Martin’s Principles of Public Relations. An avid musician, Davis has spent time as a traveling musician and has owned a recording studio and coffee shop. Today, Davis is the Director of Integrated Communication for Fi-Plan Partners, a wealth management firm in Birmingham. Below are a few important nuggets from Davis’ discussion with the class:

  • In his daily job, Chris is responsible for networking, marketing, advertising, and maintaining the organization’s website. He also recently developed an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android for Fi-Plan clients with mobile devices.
  • Today, it is important to incorporate videos on websites to increase your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Videos are an important part of SEO after Google’s purchase of YouTube. Although expensive video equipment can be valuable, an iPhone is also a valuable video tool.
  • SEO can be divided into two categories: white hat and black hat. White hat is good, smart SEO, while black hat is used to trick search engines into sending people to a website.
  • The top five parts of SEO are keywords, links, changing and updating content, videos, and image tagging.

Some of the most important advice from Davis came near the beginning of his discussion when he told the class, “Nobody is successful or fulfilled unless they effect the lives of the people around them.”


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