Girl Scout’s Meredith Foster to speak to Dr. Martin’s PR Class


Girl Scout’s Meredith Foster came to Dr. Martin’s PR class to speak on the daily activities she encounters as a PR representative for a non-profit organization. Meredith is the project specialist for The Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama; she works for the communications and advocacy program. She has many responsibilities such as, writing copy for publications, writing press releases, managing social media and even assisting in graphic design. Before Foster got to where she is today, she had to try her hand in a couple other jobs.

Foster earned a double degree in music and public relations. After she got out of college, Foster held a position at the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and it was here that she was introduced to the non-profit industry. Foster said that there are no set budgets in a non-profit organization and that she must always be thinking ahead of the game. She said it’s important to know the audience to to target a connection with them, that way she can better understand what the public will want from her and her organization.

Foster stated that it was important to research other blogs pertaining to non-profit organizations and to build up a portfolio. She stated that using social media to reach her audience was a vital tool that cost her company nothing. She said that social media gives organizations a simple way to let the audience know about upcoming events and press releases.  She told the class how important it is to start building important relationships with those who you work with, to try to expand your portfolio and most of all to get published; it’s important to prove your talents. Foster said it was important for her to work in a creative environment, for that was her strength and that if you can be a “jack-of-all-trades” it will help your chances of getting a job in the future.


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