Chris Davis from Fi-Plan Partners to speak to Dr. Martin’s PR Class

davis-fi-plan-partners1.jpgOn Friday, April 13, 2012, Director of Integrated Communications, Chris Davis was a guest speaker to Dr. Martin’s PR class on his experience with public relations in the “real world.” A graduate from Samford University, Chris Davis was originally born and raised outside of Baltimore, Md. For the first two years of his college, Davis went to Germany where he met a professor who told him about Samford University. Davis decided to head home to the States where he majored in English and then became a musician for 11 years.

Davis started his conference company and recording studio where he taught how to do music for a living. Then for a change of pace, Davis opened a coffee house (Big Mt. Coffee) which he then ended up selling to another company. He then decided to be a freelance writer for the local magazine, Portico. There he was needed to communicate the financial jargon to clients to help others understand. Davis said an important phrase his boss told him was “no one is successful or fulfilled unless they effect the lives of the people around him.”

In Davis’ current work, he develops apps for clients to check their accounts online, he brews his company’s own coffee (a fi-plan partners house blend) he makes videos that help with revenue,  and he designs websites. Davis went on to talk about the importance of SEO (for online websites) and how there are “white hat” SEOs and “black hat” SEOs and how this site-trafficing tool can harm your site as much as it can help it. Davis stated that the main aspects that will draw more attention to your website are : keywords, links, updating, changing, or adding new content, vlogs (video-blogs) and image tagging. Davis game insightful information on how to better your company’s website and that you can start out doing what you love while incorporating public relations into any job.


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