Chris Davis: the creative among investment specialists

Chris Davis, director of integrated communications at Fi-Plan partners, spoke to our PR class last Friday afternoon.  Davis works on the creative side of investment planning.  “There is a creative side to investment planning,” you may ask?  Don’t worry, because I though the same thing.  Davis is in charge or communicating finance lingo to clients and prospective clients.

Davis described his life and what eccentric and eventful jobs led him to where he is today.  He went from being a guitarist for 11 years to an owner of a coffee shop to a bike mechanic to an employee at an investment company.

So, here are a few very insightful words from the man who’s done it all.

  • Network as much as possible.  Get to know people in all avenues.
  • “Nobody is successful or fulfilled unless they affect the people around them.”  Davis learned this from his boss, who genuinely wants to help people.  When you affect and help the people around you, you create relationships that last based on trust.
  • Top 5 tips for getting the best results on Google:

1)    Keywords

2)    Links

3)    Changing/ new content

4)    Video

5)    Image tagging

When you use all of these efficiently and correctly, Google will love you and it will optimize your views!


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