Chris Davis breaks down SEO

fi-plan partners logoChris Davis is the Director of Integrated Communication at Fi-Plan Partners. Fi-Plan Partners is a financial investment company, and Davis is in charge of everything that goes into video, photography, website design, and networking. He has even designed a smart phone app for the company. If a financial planning and investing company has a need for an employee to connect them technically, then every company does.

 Davis highlighted several aspects of his job. In the hour that he visited our class, he gave us several tips on how to effectively promote information online and reach the target market.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. If you design a website, but no one knows about it, it will never be significant.
  • Top five considerations for SEO:
  1. Keywords. Adding website keywords will trigger SEO.
  2. Links. Google likes it when there are links to other websites.
  3. Changing/Adding Content. Search engines recognize when you have updated your website. They are more fond of the websites that contain current information.
  4. Video.
  5. Image tagging. Tagging and image and connecting it with something else will increase SEO for your website.
  • Davis developed a financial blog through Fi-Plan Partners and spends hours weekly updating it. “The more knowledge you are able to give to your customers,” Davis said, “the less anxiety they will have.”

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