Takeaways from Chris Davis

Chris Davis never would have pictured himself wearing a tie each day when he was travelling through Munich for a year of college. He never though he would have an office, let alone an office next door to a financial consultant. But Davis’s diverse career path led him to a unique position which he loves, the Director of Integrated Communications at Fi-Plan Partners in Birmingham, Ala.

Chris Davis, Director of Integrated Communications, Fi-Plan Partners

Davis, who is affectionately referred to as “arts and crafts” by his “calculator kid” co-workers spent time as a musician, recording studio owner, coffee shop owner and a bicyclist before he took a job with Fi-Plan Partners. Davis shared his experience with the Principle of PR Class on Friday, April 21 and left students with several important takeaways.

As the manager of Fi-Plan Partners’ website, Davis is always looking into ways to enhance the SEO of the website. Through keywords, metadata, links and changing content, he works to bring his company to the top of the page in Google searches.
In order to brand Fi-Plan beyond the office, Davis, a former coffee shop owner, developed a specific blend for the office. Clients are often sent home with a bag of the roast. I thought this was an excellent example of out-of-the-ordinary branding that can make a lasting impact.

As the Director of Integrated Communications, Davis seeks to help clients further understand the financial process.

“Nobody is successful or fulfilled,” he said, “unless they help people with their lives


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