Hot Coffee documentary heats up conversation

It’s not unusual to see coffee on a college campus. But on Tuesday, April 17, a different kind of hot coffee came on campus. Award-winning documentary Hot Coffee was screened on Samford University’s campus.

The documentary uses the story of Stella Liebeck, the woman who was burned by a scalding cup of coffee from McDonald’s, to raise the issue of tort reform.

The film was shown at Cumberland School of Law on Tuesday, April 17. Director Susan Saladoff and former Alabama Supreme Court Associate Justice, Ralph Cook were on a panel for anyone to ask them questions after the film.

The Principles of PR class had the opportunity to promote the event to Samford’s undergraduate population. Through posters, coffee sleeves, caf table signs and in-class announcements, the class did a wonderful job spreading the word.

One learning experience in the campaign was an accidental misprint of the date of the event on the posters and caf signs. However, we learned the importance of quickly addressing a problem before it turns into a crisis. By changing the date on the posters and replacing some posters with updated copies, we avoided any problems.


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