Hot Coffee at Samford

On Tuesday April 17,2012, the Documentary Hot Coffee was screened on Samford’s campus. The film focuses on the famous Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants lawsuit. The plaintiff filed suit against McDonald’s after being badly burned by their coffee. The screening drew close to 100 people who also participated in a question and answer session after the film.

The job of our Samford PR class was to do advertising to promote the films screening. The plan we came up with was to promote via posters, flyers, coffee cup sleeves and through Social media. We worked together with Stacy Smith to come up with a plan to achieve our goal.

We assigned students to each section of advertising we were doing. The posters and coffee cup sleeves were printed without trouble. Although not all PR plans go accordingly. The dates were misprinted, showing the wrong date with the wrong day. We worked hard to put some make-up on them to correct the problem.

Reaching our key demographic was the key to this exercise. I believe we did that will, minus the few hiccups along the way. The lessons learned from this campaign we long lasting. I believe we achieved a great amount of success relative to our goals.


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