Take-aways from Chris Davis

Chris Davis, of Fi-Plan Partners, came to speak to our Principles of PR class on Friday, April 13th.  As the Director of Integrated Communications at the Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, Davis provided helpful insight into specifically, what is important in optimizing your website for SEO.

For instance, key words are crucial.  Due to things such as spider crawl, it is important to use your key words as much as your can in order to get as many hits as you can. In addition, links can prove to be useful, especially if your keywords are links to other pages. Your pages should always be fresh, it is important to always change your website and provide new content.  For example video content is great to use in optimization and images, if tagged the right way, can be used in the same way.

Additionally, I found it very insightful to hear about how he used a Coffee Blend (one of their own) to cross market. This technique is one I have never heard of, but I think it is so smart!

Chris Davis demonstrated to us how important it is to be in the know.  You could tell that he was a man who knew exactly what he was doing, and with a mix of creative and smarts, he is able to successfully accomplish integrated communications. Chris has a colorful history, from recording studio to coffee, but showed us how every path in his journey has taken him to where he is today.


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