PR for Hot Coffee

The process by which we achieved spreading the word about the screening of the HBO documentary, “Hot Coffee”, was successful in the long run, however there were a few bumpy roads along the way.  As in any campaign, organization is key. And, I believe we were successful in that. However, the bumps came along when there was miscommunication between the date of the event.  Unfortunately, the posters were printed with the wrong date, and all across the internet there were discrepancies between the date.  However, as I was  directed to do, I placed table tents across campus prior to the event in Harry’s and in the Caf.

Yet, after we discovered false information on the printed material, it was important that it be corrected right away. And though the date was wrong, I believe the printed materials served as a good reminder to students. Specifically, I believe for this event, word of mouth was most important.  Many people have heard about the Hot Coffee case, however they do not know much in depth. For instance, I made an announcement at my sororities chapter concerning the event. This proved to be effective as it got some of the girls asking questions about the case and what the event was all about. And, as we spoke in class, I was able to inform the girls of some of the specifics of the case and what I have learned about public relations from watching the movie. I also encouraged students in political science to attend this, as I have also gotten a glimpse into their world through this movie.  Overall, the movie taught me a lot, yet the experience of accomplishing advertising for the event gave me new perspective of what is important in PR, and that will be a lesson I will never forget.


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