“Hot Coffee” The Truth

Stacy Smith visited our PR class and asked the class about our knowledge of the woman who sued McDonald’s after spilling hot coffee all over herself. Starting off the discussion with a question about a hot coffee lawsuit really caught everyone’s attention and we were eager to know the truth about the hot coffee case. 

 Majority of the students in the room, including myself, simply assumed greed and a corrupted system allowed this lady to get millions of dollars from a lawsuit. All she had to do was simply do something dumb like spill hot coffee all over herself. 

 Smith then showed us the first half of the documentary entitled “Hot Coffee”, which revealed the more honest side of what happened rather than the skewed information that the public has been receiving. The information really surprised me and now I will question what the media tells me even more. 

 After the showing of “Hot Coffee” in class, everyone was motivated to spread the word about the documentary being presented on campus. I think every student would benefit from watching this documentary. 

 The documentaries’ main focus was about tort reform which makes it more difficult for ordinary people to sue large companies. This allows large companies to be more loose on safety guidelines which places the customers in more danger. 

 It was fun spreading the word about the showing of “Hot Coffee” on campus and I am glad there was a good turnout. I will be editing and posting the Q&A portion of the “Hot Coffee” screening for those students who were not able to make it. 



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