Hot Coffee

In 1994 there was a lawsuit over Hot Coffee filled against McDonalds. It was mainly thought to be that an old lady spilled coffee from McDonalds in her lap while driving. This was the common belief due to the spinning of the case by the PR industry. I also believed this was how this lawsuit came about until after watching the documentary Hot Coffee. I then learned that the lady was not driving and the car was not moving. Also from the documentary I learned that there had been 700 burn accidents reported to McDonalds prior to this lawsuit.


After the class watched the documentary we were asked to help develop a PR plan to get the word around campus to our peers about a showing of the documentary. We each took on a responsibility to help out the promotion of the event. Each student took on a different task to help make this project a success.


The task I took on was promoting the presentation to fraternities on campus. I first went to each chapter and spoke with their presidents. Each president said that they would send at least two or three members. I next spoke with members of their fraternity that I saw around campus. 


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