PR and the Media

Watching the “Hot Coffee” documentary in class made me realize just how much PR can manipulate the media. The public did not realize how bad the woman’s burns were, because she did not have the money to fund PR practitioners. McDonald’s, on the other hand, has an overwhelming amount of money to spend on PR efforts to keep their company in a good light. The public was given the impression that this was just another woman seeking to get money off of a frivolous law suit. The PR people for McDonald’s were able to spin the story in a way that made them come out without much damage.

Promoting the “Hot Coffee” convo event at Samford helped me to see what it would be like to work on a campaign. It helped me see how much you have to be able to work with your team in order to split up the work to accomplish it. We were able get the word out about this event to all of Samford’s campus and different organizations and I think it really encouraged a larger turnout then there would have been if we had not done all the promotion.

Promoting this event also made me go outside of what I would normally be comfortable with. Rachel and I went to sorority houses to announce about the event, and it forced me to be more comfortable with being in front of a lot of people.


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