Main Points From Chris Davis

Chris Davis is the Director of Integrated Communications at Fi-Plan Partners in Birmingham, AL. He so generously took time out of his schedule to talk to our PR class about the his job and the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Personally, I learned a lot about how vital it is to use SEO with your business for may reasons. It was so fun to hear all about Chris’ experiences with his many previous jobs and many adventures. It’s very obvious that he knows exactly what he is going and he’s extremely good at it.

  • SEO is critical. How are people going to find the website? There are two types of SEO: white hat, which is good, and black had, which is bad.
  • Chris shared with us a quote that his CEO always says, “Nobody is successful or fulfilled unless they impact the people around them.” It’s obvious that Fi-Plan Partners integrates that motto into their business. When Chris started working with them, he thought of the idea of having their own coffee and giving it to their clients. It’s not only the perfect example of cross marketing, but also of being relatable, intentional, and using your passions in the workplace.
  • It’s very important to change and refresh the information on your website. Not only is it extremely beneficial for your clients, but search engines, such as Google, will notice that you’re maintaining your website.

Chris brought a different perspective compared to the other speakers this semester. Although Chris didn’t know a lot about the financial industry before he got the job at Fi-Plan Partners, he has worked really hard to get where he is today and he absolutely loves what he does. Chris takes his work very seriously, which is obvious through his wisdom and passion, but his work isn’t everything to him, which was very inspiring for me to see. He has many other hobbies that he still partakes in today and the most important thing to him is his family.


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