Take-aways from Jessica Simpson

On April 4th, Jessica Simpson of the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center, came to speak to our Principles of PR class. Simpson shared insight into what it is like to work at a performing arts center and, gave us a glimpse into what her sometimes hectic season, looks like.Image

Simpson said she finds great reward in what she does. And, with that said, that was one of my biggest take-aways.  She stressed how important it is to find something that you are good at, and something that you are capable of handling. Specifically saying that personality type is key. There is constant movement within positions such as hers because many just can’t handle the stress of it all.

Simpson has had quite the journey to lead her to where she is today. Through changing from pre-med to eventually switching to communication cause she found love for creative writing, Simpson has now found joy in her position of 8 years as the Director for Marketing.  In her position, she works in a variety of capacities, however one key aspect is to form relationships with the agencies.  This is an important take-away because without those relationships, nothing is possible.

Finally, as a point specific to the arts/entertainment field, Simpson said that research is crucial to this business. It is very important to know what is happening around your city and even in other cities across the country.  You may have to spend nights and weekends at different shows, but this research is what will put you ahead.  And, eventually, as Simpson has found, you can find a healthy balance within your personal life and career.


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