Lessons from Jessica Simpson

Wednesday April 4 Jessica Simpson of the Alys Robinson Stephens Center spoke to the Samford JMC 492 class. With her experience as the Director of Marketing she had many valuable insights for the class. Even being in a slightly different field than what most would consider traditional PR the topics she spoke on mirrored some of the previous speakers for the class. The most important topics she covered were as followed:

  • Research- Every PR professional has hit on the idea that research is key in the industry.
  • Partnership- Once again this is something that almost everyone has spoke on, but Jessica has a different type of partnership. Hers is two way instead of just with clients she also works with acts and events.
  • Jack of all trades- With marketing, advertising, and PR all converging into one field we are seeing more professionals having to become a jack of all trades and have multiple skill sets.

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