Jessica Simpson shares her experience

Jessica Simpson began her education studying pre-med and law.  She switched her focus in studies after she took a creative writing class. There, she realized that her calling was not in medicine but in journalism. She became the director of marketing at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center and now is the head of her very own consultant company.  Her focus through her business is non-profits and highlights the arts.  Jessica Simpon’s came to speak with a spunky attitude and helpful tips in the field of journalism.

  • Jessica Simpson stressed the importance of an internship opportunity.  Her experiences and networking that she did while in her internship still helps her today.
  • She expressed that realizing different audiences for different events is crucial.  Marketing for the specific audiences will help your overall profit.
  • Social media is FREE- use it.
  • Being prepared for anything in this field is extremely important.  Depending on the event or weather, there is always room for something to go wrong.  How you handle it is going to make or break the event.

Jessica Simpson was helpful and a joy to have as a guest speaker in our Public Relations class.  Through her job she has been able to take many different avenues in her field of study.  During her time speaking in our class, it is evident to see how successful Simpson has become.


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