Experience from Jessica Simpson

After taking a creative writing class in college, Jessica Simpson switched her focus completely to film and mass communication studies. She spent many years as the director of marketing at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center, and she now owns her own consultant company. Her company is involved in marketing for the arts and non-profits. As she spoke with the Public Relations class, I was able to gather with many helpful tips for the business.

  • You really must be a jack of all trades to have your own consultant company. You wear many hats!
  • In the business, a consultant needs to have the right personality to deal with stress. Most importantly, one must have the right attitude and the ability to leave work at the office. If they do not they will constantly be working.
  • “A show wins or loses the day the deal is made,” Simpson said. “You want a healthy deal that will work for the center and its audiences.”

Simpson’s career has given her many different opportunities  and avenues to travel down. She now is involved in producing shows. It was clear to see that success comes with Simpson!

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