Sean Wright shares venue management advice

Sean Wright, director of venue management at Samford University, spoke to our of PR class on Friday, March 14th. Sean is in charge of scheduling all of the events for two main buildings on Samford University’s campus: the Leslie Wright Center and Pete Hanna Center. It was extremely interesting to hear about the behind the work scenes of our beloved Samford U.

  • A lot of the venue places in Birmingham work together to not step on each others toes when it comes to announcement release. Wright said that the fact that they can all work together on something is very unique to events market.
  • To book an event in the Wright Center at Samford University, you have to book your event 18 months in advance. I was shocked when Sean told us that because I had no idea they have all of their events planned nearly a year and a half before they actually happen.
  • “Venues are more public than ever before and patrons are more demanding than ever before,” said Wright. The market continues to improve as the years go on, but so do people’s expectations.

Having Sean Wright come speak to our class was extremely beneficial to those of us who, in the future,  want to be involved in event planning, social media, or even working at Samford University.


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