Sean Wright shares his experience

Sean Wright, director of venue management for the Wright Center and Pete Hanna Center, spoke in our PR class. During his presentation he explained what he does as the director of venue management for Samford University. He also gave us a few tips:

  • Sean stressed the idea that this job is based around a “never-ending” calendar
  • Every day is different, no day is going to contain the same work schedule
  • A marketing strategy always needs to be developed before an event
  • Twitter is used as a quick communication tool for events
  • Sean made a point to explain that venues are more public than ever before.  Communication through social media will be taking place before, during, and after an event.

 After Sean Wright visited our classroom, it was evident to me that his job revolved around doing various tasks at one time.  He is in charge of two main buildings on Samford’s campus, The Pete Hanna Center and the Wright Center.  He deals with the scheduling and research of different shows, teams, and performances on a daily basis.  Now that I have a glimpse of how much work goes into it, I now greatly appreciate the process before the performances.


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