Sean Wright Explain Venue Management

Sean Wright came to talk to Dr. Martin’s Principles of PR class recently. He is the Venue Manager at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. His main responsibility is to get events scheduled for the Wright Center and Pete Hanna Center on Samford’s campus.

With a staff of only 4 adults and 60 students, there is a lot to get done. He said that there are over 100 show dates on the calendar for the Wright Center this year. As a Venue Manager, it is his job to make sure that there is as little dead time, or unbooked dates, as possible on the Wright Center’s calendar. In his profession, he relayed to us that the calendar never ends and that clients are already booking dates at least two years in advance.

The key to success is being flexible and being prepared for changing plans. Also, it is a necessity to know the audience and market that you are catering to because without them, there will be a low turnout for the events that you are producing. He told us that one of the biggest changes that he has seen as of late has been using the ticketing system as a marketing tool. With venues being more public than ever and patrons being more demanding that ever, it is vital to stay on top of your game at all times.


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