Takeaways from Sean Wright, Director of Venue Management

The “busy season” never ends for Sean Wright, director of venue management for Samford University. “If you’re standing still in this business, something must be wrong,” he said during a visit to the Principles of PR class.

Wright’s position oversees the university’s two main venues– Pete Hanna Center and the Leslie S. Wright Fine Arts Center. Managing both an athletic venue and a performing arts venue means that Wright never experiences a lull.

During his talk, Wright left the students with several important bits of advice.

  1. Never act without considering the response of both shareholders and the public.
  2. While it is important to use social media to keep tabs on the public’s opinion of your company, it is more important to recognize the specialities of each platform. Facebook is good for generating a call to action, whereas Twitter is useful for real time news updates.
  3. There is always a place for good writers in venue management as grant writers.
  4. Knowing your market is crucial to choosing events that appeal to your ideal market.

Wright also encouraged students to “always be ready” because in the business of events, something is always happening.


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