Sean Wright Visits Samford PR Class

Sean Wright is the director of venue management for the Wright Center and the Pete Hanna Center at Samford. He came to Samford University in 2007 to help create the Pete Hanna Center.

Wright discussed how busy his schedule is on an everyday basis. The Pete Hanna Center is continually growing and the Wright Center is always in demand as a venue. He has to be able to schedule and create a calendar two years in advance and has to be able to be flexible when things need to change at the last minute.

He gave the class some important tips about his job. He said that the product is still the key, even with all the advances in technology, advertising and marketing. It is important to know your venue, patrons and market. Social media has also become a very important part of any job in communications. Facebook has become a way for patrons to communicate with venues and they can respond to the experience as well. Ticketing systems are used to promote venues now and Twitter is used to create a buzz about upcoming events. Venues have become more public than ever before, and patrons are becoming more demanding with every passing year.


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