Sean Wright Director of Venue Management at Samford University

Samford University’s Director of Venue Management, Sean Wright visited Dr. Martin’s Public Relations 492 class on Wednesday March 14th. Two years out of college as a sports information editor at Samford University then he furthered his education at the University of North Carolina where he worked in the athletic director’s office. Then he went to Washington University in St. Louis. Two years ago Wright created a venue management model that brought Samford’s Hannah and Wright Center to one structure.









Currently Wright is a venue manager booking over 100 dates for Samford University’s wright Center. Wright said dates are always turning over and being filled, and that working in a full week is a challenge. He said that booking can occur between three seasons: Booking season, grant season, and budget season. Booking season consists of booking venues on the calendar, grant season is where funds are distributed to venues and budget season is when the money spent on events is calculated.

Wright emphasized that specialization in grant writing is needed because grant writing is “out of control and more time consuming than it should be.” Wright said social media is important and “how you brand yourself is important but how you position yourself is just as important.”


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