Take-aways from Meredith Foster

Meredith Foster, a project specialist at Girl Scouts of America, provided our class an insightful presentation into her world working in the field of Public Relations at a Non-Profit organization.  Specifically, since Meredith has just recently graduated from college (within a few years), she was able to offer us a fresh perspective into what has worked for her, and what might work for us.

For instance, we should be sure to build a portfolio. Now is the time when we should compile our work to avoid waiting until you’re out in the real world.  Take advantage of the student publications at your university and be sure to have work published, not just work from class.

Also, a helpful tip is to attend seminars and workshops.  These will prove to be helpful to master specific skills.  Meredith definitely gave hope to those of us who have not mastered photoshop/ indesign, as she had not either prior to her beginning her job. However, now is the perfect time to master it while we have time on our hands.

It is important to note that you “wear a lot of hats” in non-profit, as Meredith said. Be sure to be educated in lots of venues, including photography and social media.  You never know what could be thrown your way!


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