A Word From The Girl Scouts

Girl ScoutsWith cookie season in full swing it was only necessary that we hear from Meredith Foster, project specialists for the Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama. She gave many pointers on the many aspects of running a non-profit, which requires you “to wear many hats.”

Foster is employed to update and maintain social media accounts for the Girl Scouts. She updates Facebook and Twitter, writes press releases, and generates news letters. She also spends her time reading other blogs pertaining to non-profit organizations and social media.

When writing and updating the social media, Foster expressed the importance of knowing the audience to whom she was addressing. Knowing who was going to read them would change the content and presentation of the message, and also knowing when to post them to receive the most readership are decisions she is faced with.

Lastly, Foster advised us to build our portfolio. Our future employers would heavily rely on the work inside our portfolio, and relaying our experience to them is imperative. They want to know who they are hiring is experienced and able to creatively execute the tasks given to them if hired.


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