John Richardson

John Richardson came to Dr. Martin’s Public Relations class of Friday, February 24th to speak about his role in Public Relations and what we can expect as future colleagues. Richardson is currently working freelance but had been working in the field of Public Relations for many years, what he had to say about Public Relations is very valuable. Richardson said he deals with, strategy, research, content development (writing), interactive work (managing people and projects)  examples: social media, websites, etc. (digital form for interactivity and communication) – internal communication for brands, freelance work, creative direction, and writing development.

Richardson said that one “can’t be successful in PR if you’re not in the interactive game” unless it’s a multi-million $ company like “Kleenex” who doesn’t need one. John believes that PR is being consumed more by the advertising agency – it’s more an “all in one package”.

Richardson also believes that brand representation has become a major role in PR today and that the way to succeed in this business is to know the name of the game and do what’s cool and what’s new first. Richardson said, “it’s all about doing what no one has ever done before and having it work. In communications there’s a turnover a lot where people will see things differently on a lot of things due to creative differences, thus people move around a lot. Not “fired” but expect to move around a good bit.” Richardson said. “Stay flexible and try to do the next big thing”.

Richardson’s contact information: and (twitter) @jrichardson76



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