Take Aways from John Richardson

“I don’t think you can be successful anymore if you’re not in the interactive game” -John Richardson

You hear all the time that the world is changing, but time and time again, especially in this profession, you hear that you cannot be successful if you are not in the know.

John Richardson, a freelancer who has been working in the field of public relations,  informed the class on Friday, February 24th,  of things we should specifically be aware of.  I definitely took away how important social media is. And, in addition Mr. Richardson provided specific websites which will prove to be useful for us.

For example: socialmedia.com, hubspot.com, and hootsuite.com are all great sources to track action online.

Richardson said that it is very important for us to not miss this window of opportunity in the online world. You always need to be doing the coolest, next thing FIRST.

And, as a final takeaway, I learned even more about what it means to freelance, and how great this can be for someone who wants to be their own boss.  Freelancing is flexible and allows you to work on your own time, yet do exactly what you want to do.

Mr. Richardson offered to be a resource to us and would prove to be a great one especially with all of this background AND experiences as a Samford Alum.

He can be reached at about.me/jrichardson76 and on twitter @jrichardson76


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