John Richardson’s PR Tips

On February 24th, John Richardson, a freelancer in the world of public relations, came and addressed the class about what to expect in while working in PR. One of the last things he said to the class seemed to be the most important. He said “Be humane, Be human, and Be humble.” From this quote I took three things, first and foremost, one should always be courteous and have a code of values when working in this field. Too often PR is viewed as being somewhat corrupt in nature, so one’s humanity helps improve not only the image of yourself, but of your client as well. Secondly, be human. In any form of communications it is important to develop one’s unique voice. Otherwise, we get lost in the crowd of people trying to make it in Corporate America. Finally, be humble. I’ve always been taught that the higher God lifts you up in life, the lower you should bow. Humility not only helps you remember where you came from but also helps gain clientele because you are easy to work with and keeping that person or company’s best interest in mind.

Some other helpful pointers John gave were to stay flexible and to do the next big thing first.


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