Take Aways from John Richardson

John Richardson graciously came to speak to our PR class about the different types of work there is today in the world of PR. Despite the technical difficulties, Mr. Richardson taught the class a lot about the diversity that is available in the strategy and content of PR.

1: Get comfortable with writing. Mr. Richardson assured us that we will be asked all about our writing. With that, he said that no one has a good excuse to have typos. Typos boil down to how much attention you really are paying to what your writing. Writing is very important and you do it a lot.

2: Publishing anything will get your foot in the door. Mr. Richardson said that publishing your writing will not only get you comfortable with writing, but also to add works to your resumé. Whether it’s a blog, an article in the local newspaper, a website, any type of publishing will only be beneficial to your career in PR.

3: The goal in PR is to do the coolest next thing first. Research is vital. Whether you make the big hit will either make or break your career in PR.

John Richardson of The Forte Marketing Group

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