John Richardson Gives Advice

John Richardson visited the Principles of PR class last Friday and shared some useful tips for our future careers in the communications field. He said that there are three things that he does everyday no matter what is going on. He strategizes, researches and does content development. He said that we need to become very comfortable with writing, because it is something we will have to do every day. I didn’t realize how much writing is involved in communications work even if you’re not in the print track of Journalism.

He also mentioned how important it is to be able to work well with other people. Public relations is all about communication, and you have to be able to communicate and work with other people in order to be successful in this field. Richardson also talked about the importance of staying on top of what is happening in the social media world. There are constantly new and better things coming out in the social media outlets, and you can’t be successful in PR if you are not a part of them or if you do not understand them fully. Awareness is the most important part of PR and advertising.

I did not realize how much turnover there is in the communications career. Richardson talked about being prepared to move around a lot and change positions in this field in order to stay relevant. It is important to be flexible in this career track and be able to adjust to changes.

Richardson’s final words to the class were to always remember to be humane, human and humble. These things will help create a successful career and life.


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