Peritus is a communications firm that specializes in Public Affairs, Public Relations, Marketing and Creative Services. Peritus is a Latin word that means “experience; skilled; expert.” Peritus has agencies in Lexington, KY, Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Birmingham, AL, and Oak Ridge,TN. I got to speak with the office in Nashville.

They have an internship program that allows the intern to get invaluable hands-on work experience. They offer their most talented interns positions with the Peritus firm. They offer internships during the summer, spring and fall. Their internships are also paid. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the field of PR.

I got to speak with Paula Jones who is currently an intern with the Nashville office. When I spoke to her she was on her way to Georgia to work on a project for them. The project is called the Coalition for Sugar Reform Project. She was trying to get ten letters signed  by bakery shops and candy shops. She had gotten one signature so far when I spoke with her. She is currently working on three projects and she said that she never has a “normal” day and that’s what she loves about working in Public Relations. She said the one thing that she does do every day is communicate.

I felt it was very beneficial for me to talk to Paula and get a better understanding of what she does. It helped me to see how much is involved on an average day in PR.


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