The DeMoss Group

If I end up working at a PR firm, I think I would work for a Christian PR firm. I called a firm called The DeMoss Group in Atlanta, GA, which is the nation’s first and largest PR firm that exclusively serves Christian leaders. I talked to a girl named Christy Lynn Wilson. Christy has been working at The DeMoss group for two years and loves the spontaneity that comes with PR. When asked what a day in a life of a DeMoss group employee looks like, Christy replied with “one word: unpredictable.” She started telling me about how her day was going so far. One of their clients was responding to something related to news of the day so she had to delay what she had planned on doing that day and deal with the client. Christy kept on reiterating, “You never know when something is going to blow up for a client-either for the good or for bad.” Last Friday, a DeMoss Group client called saying they had until Tuesday to assemble a marketing pitch for a big celebrity and they wanted to hire The DeMoss Group for a ‘quick project’ to execute the whole thing. Christy and her team ended up working all throughout the weekend and into early Monday morning to get the celebrity what they wanted.  I asked her what advice she could give me and she said, “The bottom line with working in a PR firm is you need to be flexible, fast and prepared for anything.”


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