Style Sight

Style Sight is a style advertising company located in NYC. They specialize in brand representation through their online services. “Style Sight combines proven forecasting and trend analysis, the industry’s largest image library, and workflow tools to make the creative journey not only more inspirational but also more efficient and cost-effective.” Stylesight has over 3,000 subscribing companies and 40,000 individual users including designers, creative leaders, product developers, merchandisers, marketers, executives, journalists and style gurus in over 90 countries around the world. Some of Style Sight’s clients include: Target, Jimmy Choo, Godiva, Zara, Saks Fifth Avenue, QVC, Disney, Avon and many more well known brands.

Some of the tasks for the Style Sight PR reps would be:

• Talk with members of Stylesight’s editorial team, each thoroughly versed in the fashion and design industries and boasting impressive backgrounds in design, retail, buying, merchandising and editorial.

• Peruse the latest trends with Stylesight’s global forecasting and analysis experts,who bring years of industry experience to the table.

• Ponder innovation with Stylesight’s technology gurus, who consistently create cutting-edge technology to inspire creative design and speed product development.

• Gather insight from Stylesight’s Executive team, whose collective passion for entrepreneurialism has spelled success in an ever-changing industry and a challenging global market.



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